CBD (Cannabidiol) and Weight Loss

Our health and well being is paramount to a good quality of life.

The single most important factor to staying healthy is our diet.  What we put into our bodies in the form of food and drink determines how we feel and look.

There are many diets that promise positive results and guaranteed weight loss, but ideally lifestyle changes are needed if we are to maintain our goals.

Educating ourselves about nutrition and achievable physical exercise is key to successful weight loss.  Faddy diets for quick fixes, i.e. herbal concoctions, dietary drinks, tablets, eliminating certain food groups, can give fast results, but are not ideal.  These types of weight loss regimes are not realistic.  They are not a long term solution and can be difficult to maintain.  Sometimes crash diets can do more harm than good.

A balanced diet is achieved by including a variety of different food groups into our 3 meals a day.

Freshly prepared fruit and vegetables, fish, white meat, pulses, seeds and nuts, will ensure we get our recommended daily intake of vitamins and minerals.  A good variety of food will ensure we keep to our goals, and snacking in between meals should be limited to healthy options.

Swapping sweet, sugary drinks to plain water will ensure toxins are flushed out of our systems.  Water helps us digest food, gives us energy and keeps our bodily functions moving.

It is a good idea to plan ahead.  Meal preparation is a convenient way to manage our diet, sometimes not doing so can results in eating unhealthy snacks to stave off hunger.

CBD products such as CBD flowers and oil can aid weight loss.  Studies have shown that CBD (cannabidiol) can speed up metabolism and consequently burn off excessive calories.

CBD has shown to burn body off body fat and also reduce appetite.  CBD oil has just around 100 calories per tablespoon, being an oil this is encouraging news.

Also CBD oil has a high level of omega fatty acids, this is a favourable supplement to guard against heart disease, often incurred through our poor food choices within our diet.

CBD flowers and oil can be easily added into dishes without altering the overall taste.  The oil can be administered under the tongue too, so can be very versatile.

European Regulations ensure that CBD is a safe supplement to use.  It is also non-addictive and widely available at a reasonable cost.




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