CBD Flower and Pain Management

Physical pain can be experienced in varying degrees.  From mild aches and pains to chronic pain that can sometimes be unbearable.

The usual way to treat pain is to take over-the-counter painkillers, or by visiting a doctor if stronger medication is needed to manage the experience.

If any pain becomes chronic, which means it can be experienced for a long time, it can become a problem.  Taking medication for long periods can run the risk of the body becoming immune to the medication.  Sometimes patients can become addicted and dependant on their medication. 

It is suggested that long term use of any drug could be detrimental to health.  Those who no longer need to take prescribed medication, are recommended to consult a doctor before stopping their medicine routine, as it could otherwise be dangerous.

For many, natural remedies are more of a desired solution to pain management.  There are many potions available, many derived from plants, flowers, trees and even the sea!

Some feel more comfortable with natural solutions for pain, and for some it is an effective way to address a well-being issue.

One of the oldest and trusted remedies for pain relief comes from the humble hemp plant. 

Hemp has been grown universally for centuries.  It is a versatile plant which has many uses including rope, paper, material, and of course medicine.

Although we are familiar with the psychoactive effects of hemp, this isn’t the property used for medicinal purposes. 

THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is the principal component of the hemp plant that gives a feeling of being ‘high’. 

However, it is the CBD (cannabidiol) element of hemp that is sought after as a medication.

Hemp flowers are favoured for their excellent pain-relieving properties.  To add to this CBD is a good source of protein.  Hemp plants also contain all 20 amino acids and are rich in essential fatty acids and Vitamin E.

Hemp flowers can be smoked without harmful tobacco, which is enjoyed by many.  Alternatively, the hemp flowers can be ingested through food or drink.

Another great way to take CBD is through CBD oil.  It is a conveniently packaged supplement that can be taken anytime.  A few drops under the tongue is enough to gain pain relief within a short time.

There is no danger of over-dosing with CBD flowers or oil, it is safe and legal to use.

CBD has become more prevalent on our high streets in recent years.  There are many testimonials of its properties and it has become a very popular choice for many.








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