CBD and Sunscreen

Summer is here and the sun is shining brightly.  No matter where you are when the sun is out, whether on holiday, working outdoors, or relaxing at home in your outside space, protection from the sun's rays is key.

For many years it has been known, and well documented, that the sun's harmful rays can damage skin.  Damage can result in burning the skin when the correct protection has not been used, or no protection has been used.

In particular, the sun's ultra-violets rays are the ones that cause the skin damage.  UV rays can age the skin rapidly, and also cause skin cancer.  

Using a protective cream is advisable, at least SPF 15, (Sun Protection Factor) and every day use is recommended.

Keeping the skin healthy is important, and this can be easily achieved.  Following a healthy diet is good, and drinking plenty of plain water keeps the skin hydrated.  Dehydration can dry the skin and make it tight.  It can also cause wrinkles.

Exfoliating the skin eliminates dry skin, then keeping it moisturized will help keep it smooth and glowing.

Also, making sure you include vitamin C in your daily diet is helpful, along with antioxidants.

However, precautionary measures when in the sun for prolonged periods is also important.  High SPF lotions are definitely a must.

CBD (cannabidiol), has long been hailed as a powerful supplement.  Now available is sunscreen which contains CBD.

CBD is derived from hemp, it has shown to support and protect against sun damage.

CBD is a great anti-inflammatory helper.  It's a versatile supplement that helps with a number of health conditions.  

CBD cannabinoids added into sun creams is a beneficial solution and give relief from swelling, soreness and dryness that the sun can cause.

Making CBD sunscreen part of your holiday or time in the sun will help prevent sun damage.

CBD is safe to use, and non-addictive.


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