How To Store CBD

If you are new or a regular user of CBD, there are a few tips worth bearing in mind to get the full benefits and life out of your purchase.

To preserve potency and freshness, all that is needed is a little care and caution.

It's best to buy your oils in opaque containers.  These block out any extreme light, which can be harmful to the oils.

Exposing to extreme heat, (say if you live in a hot country, where it can be humid too), can also have a detrimental effect.  In this event CBD can be stored in the refrigerator and brought back to room temperature when being administered.

Oxygen can also alter the dynamics of CBD, so keeping your containers airtight is important.

It's possible to freeze CBD oil, although unfreezing it seems to alter its properties, and it doesn't seem the same afterwards.  Again, the extreme temperatures have an adverse effect.

CBD products have a shelf life of around a year.

We often check if things have 'gone off' with our noses.  The usual smell of CBD is a mellow, oily, pleasant smell.  If for any reason the life of your CBD has expired, you will experience an undoubtedly rancid odour.




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