Our CBD and Canna Butter

Our physical and mental wellbeing should always be a priority in our lives.  Without good all-round health we are limited in many ways.  Poor health can determine how we live our lives from day to day.  Our general health determines the quality of our lives and how we spend our days.

Genetics and disabilities, whether physical or mental, can also impact our health.  We can be limited by many conditions, some which are out of our control.

However, something that we can control is how we treat ourselves mentally and physically.

These days everyone seems to be image-conscious.  In some ways this is good.  To have a natural interest in how we look and how we are perceived by others can be a positive.  To aspire to be the best we can physically can instill healthy eating attitudes. 

Generally we are aware of what is good for us, as we are aware of what is not so good.  We learn this from an early age.  This knowledge encourages us to make healthy eating and lifestyle choices.  This doesn't mean treats are out, on the contrary, it's all about balance.  

Our mental health is also very important.  There are so many mental health conditions, which can range from anxiety to schizophrenia.  Many studies and research has shown that physical exercise can improve mental health.  Cognitive behaviour is improved not only by exercise, but also by what we eat.

Endorphins are a feel-good chemical which interact with our brain when we exercise.  Endorphins give us a positive feeling, one which encourages us to sustain physical activity.  When we have a break from exercise, even if it is something as basic as a daily walk, we can feel the difference.  Our mood can dip, and prolonged non-physical routines can prove detrimental to both mental and physical health.

Lifestyle changes are often because of poor health.  The mistake many make is to try and change everything about our diet and exercise in one fell swoop.  Unfortunately for many, this proves impractical.  It can literally be a shock to the system to change drastically all that we are used to.  Our efforts to achieve quick results are often misconceived by crash diet and exercise courses.  

Moderation is a good word to get to know!  Cutting out whole food groups when dieting is never a good idea.  Crash or fad diets are short term solutions that can impact our health.  Promises of amazing and lasting results should be viewed with caution!, as should expensive remedies.

The best way to change our relationship with unhealthy foods and habits is to do it gradually.  Small changes at first will make the transition into optimum health easier, and there is more chance of accomplishment and long lasting results.

To boost our diets supplements are a good idea.  There are so many available, but it comes down to personal choice.  If you have a certain physical or mental need that could benefit from extra help, vitamins and minerals can give that boost.

Another great supplement gathering a lot of interest now is CBD.  CBD (cannabidiol) is derived from the hemp flower.  CBD is packed with over 100 cannabinoids that react with our own inbuilt endo-cannabinoid system.  

Proven benefits to health and wellbeing give this powerful compound a royal status.  It is definitely a superior all-rounder.

CBD can be added into our daily routines quite easily.  It is popular in flower or oil form.  This versatile cannabinoid can be taken for specific ailments or general health and wellbeing.

CBD oil can be administered under the tongue.  Just a couple of drops can give relief from pain, or many health concerns.  CBD oil can also be used topically.  Added to a carrier oil such as almond or coconut, a couple of drops can be very beneficial when applied to the affected area.

CBD flowers are quite popular.  They can be smoked without harmful tobacco to give relief and wellbeing.  CBD flowers can also be used in cooking.  Added to many dishes or accompaniments will have many advantages.  Things such as pain relief, poor sleep, depression, anxiety, can all be addressed with this wonderous supplement.

Experimenting with CBD and culinary skills is exciting, but not new.  The popularity of canna butter is growing as an enjoyable edible.  As it implies, the butter is infused with CBD or cannabis.  It is worth noting that cannabis contains THC (tetrahydrocannabinol).   THC gives a psycho-active effect, in other words it is mind-altering, unlike CBD.  CBD has <0.2% THC.  It is safe to use and is non-addictive.

Canna butter can be adapted into many recipes, from favourite savoury dishes to best-loved bakes.

Canna butter is available to buy, but can also be easily made at home.  It does not need any fancy equipment or convoluted methods.

At Hempire Gardens we produce what is called 'shake' or 'trim'.  Shake or trim is the foliage what is left after the CBD flower is harvested.  It still contains the potency and beneficial attributes our flowers give, and is ideal for cooking with in particular.  We love that there is no waste in our cultivation process.  Shake or trim is tiny buds and a dust-like matter that has fallen from the plant.

There are quite a few ways to make canna butter.  We've chosen a simple method and tried not to complicate matters, but it's good to try different ways and find one way that suits you.

To make the canna butter you will need :

200mls of water/250g of butter (unsalted)/4g of shake or trim

2 small saucepans, a small ovenproof dish, a fine sieve, a grinder, a piece of cheesecloth, a small bowl, a wooden spoon

Firstly, bake your shake or trim in the oven for 30 minutes at approximately at 160 degrees for a fan oven, 180 degrees for a conventional oven

Clarify the butter in a small saucepan, melting it slowly.  Skim off the white foam once this is done

Boil 200mls of water in another small saucepan, set it to simmer

Add the clarified butter and baked shake

Simmer on a very low light for approximately 3 hours, be careful not to burn. Stir the mixture every 10 minutes.  (Alternatively a slow cooker can be used).

Once this is complete, (it should look glossy), put the cheese cloth into a sieve and pour in the mixture into the bowl

The butter will pour through the cloth leaving the shake behind

Give the cloth a little twist to extract every drop of butter

The canna butter should be a pale green colour

Store in the refrigerator and use when needed

It is worth noting that canna butter has a unique taste, and experimenting with varied amounts in your chosen recipe will get the best results.




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