The European Hemp Market

The hemp plant has been around for over 3000 years, so it's no newcomer.

It's only relatively recent in comparison to it's introduction, that Europe is realizing the benefits of this versatile plant.

When hemp was first discovered it was used for food and materials, but in present day Europe it's beneficial properties are seemingly limitless.

Hemp flowers and oils are now used for medication.  The past couple of years have seen extensive growth in the Hemp European Market as consumers learn more and more about the relief and well-being hemp and what it's derivatives can bring. 

CBD products seem to be everywhere, even being accessible in health food stores, which gives the consumer confidence to buy.

Hemp flowers and oils are known to relieve many debilitating conditions such as anxiety, depression, inflammation, and many more common ailments.

People who historically have used traditional prescribed medicines are turning to CBD flowers, oils and personal care products for answers.

Some consumers are now ditching the traditional medicine route in favour of this natural plant.

Although choosing hemp products is a minefield.  There are so many vendors it's hard to decipher which are reputable and which are not.

At Hempire our ethos has, and will always be, to cultivate our hemp organically. Although there are many suppliers to be freely found on the worldwide web, we are amongst the minority who can safely say our hemp is pure.  To use harmful chemicals in it's production are not an option for us. 

Amazingly, Regulators for the use of industrial hemp in Europe are still debating the plant and it's future. Although many would say it's a 'no-brainer' quoting the advantages far outweigh any disadvantages.  

Obviously Regulators will have discussed the concerns of health and safety for the consumer.  One of the disadvantages being abuse of hemp. 

There are already guidelines in place which enable the use of CBD products in Europe to be used safely.  

The THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), which is a crystalline compound that is the main active ingredient of cannabis, does cause European Regulators concern.  It is this element that gives you the 'high' feeling when smoked or consumed, hence it's widespread illegality.

However, CBD (cannabidiol) is the compound found in hemp that does not give you that 'high' feeling which makes it non-psychoactive.  

It is the CBD elements that has got people talking.  It's beneficial uses are now why we see so many products available.

So far the guidelines are that no more than 0.2% of THC is found present in the hemp end product.  Any higher than this would be a cause for concern as consumers may suffer a detrimental effect.

When purchasing CBD flowers and oils it is important that the vendor is supplying a certified product that is safe to use.

We, at Hempire, have regular laboratory analyses to ensure we work within the European guidelines and offer a premium product.

Hopefully before long European Regulators conceive a once-and-for-all resolution to guidelines which ensure the safe and much sought after use of hemp in Europe.


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