Where Can I Buy Delta 8 Pre-rolls in Germany?

Pre-rolls are a convenient way to enjoy your favourite flower.  They are widely available online now with many suppliers offering an array of flavours, compositions and deals.

Puede buy Delta 8 pre-rolls in Germany and many other European countries now.  Delta 8 pre-rolls are gaining a lot of fans.

For those who aren't familiar with pre-rolls, they are a joint prepared at a dispensary or a trusted flower supplier.  They can vary in size, weight and the strain used, to fill the joint.

Pre-rollos are an agreeable way to smoke flower, usually without harmful tobacco.  Therefore there is no need for all the paraphernalia that goes with rolling a joint.  Papers, filters, grinders, trays, pouches, etc. can all be put to one side.

A pre-roll contains ground-down flower, and sometimes comes with or without a filter.  The rolling paper used is often unbleached, which usually makes the whole pre-roll organic.  Of course this should be specified on the product packaging.


The more familiar pre-rolls available to buy online are CDB (cannabidiol) pre-rolls.  They are perfectly safe and legal to use.    However, there is now a newcomer to the cannabis market called Delta 8.

Delta 8 is not only available in pre-roll form, but also flower, oil, edibles, vapes & cartridges and tinctures.  It is inevitable that other Delta 8 products will appear on the market too, as the popularity of this cannabinoid escalates.

The cannabis market has been taken by storm with Delta 8.  It is a lesser known compound of the hemp plant.  The more familiar compound of the cannabis plant is Delta 9.

Delta 9 is chemically bonded to the 9th carbon chain.  Delta 9 is another word for THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), and is just one of 113 cannabinoids identified in the cannabis plant.  It is renowned for it's psychoactive or psychotropic effect.  It has a mind-altering effect on the user, and can often give way to the term 'being stoned' or 'feeling high'.



The effects of Delta 9 are quite strong as opposed to Delta 8. 

Delta 8 has more of a milder cognitive effect, in fact Delta 8 is known for the clarity of mind it delivers.  Users of Delta 8 report of a surprising alertness.  Research and studies have shown that Delta 8 can improve cognitive behavioural function.   Delta 8 fans alike agree that the 'body hit' from Delta 8 is more pronounced than the psychoactive effect it gives.  This suits most people, as you can literally go about your day feeling great without lethargy.

When we look at the properties of Delta 8, Delta 9 and CBD, Delta 8 seems to be sandwiched in between Delta 9 and CBD.  In other words there is a nice balance of the two cannabinoids.  

Many people who have used Delta 9 for a long time seem to be converting to Delta 8.  One of the good reasons for converting is that Delta 8 is legal.  

Delta 8 was made legal by the 2018 Farm Bill.  The Bill deemed that because Delta 8 is derived from the hemp plant, and as long as it does not contain >0.3% THC, it could be legalised.

                                     DELTA 8 IS LEGAL AS LONG AS IT CONTAINS <0.2% THC, 0.3% SOME COUNTRIES

Since the 2018 Farm Bill, Delta 8 has been sought after globally.  People want to know where to buy Delta 8 in Germany, France, Italy, and many other European countries.  The demand has risen so quickly, that the supply is slightly behind.  Although you can search for Delta 8 online and clearly find cultivators and suppliers.

The wellness concept that Delta 8 evokes is being realised at last, and people are becoming more aware of what this powerful cannabinoid is capable of.  Also worth noting here too, Delta 8 is a cheaper alternative to Delta 9.

For centuries marijuana and hemp have been used for health and well-being.  They are a natural alternative to prescription medicines, and people sometimes prefer that.  Long term use of prescription medicines can actually be detrimental to health.  There are ingredients in prescription medicines we either have never heard of, or we are not sure of the job they do.  It's not to say prescription drugs don't work, far be it for us to decry their use, but the side affects some medicines can bring long term can be harmful.


 Mother nature offers an abundance of alternatives to modern day medicines.  THC and CBD are just one example.

CBD was little known just a few years ago, but now, because the word has gone around about it's healing properties, millions of people are aware of just how powerful CBD is.  You can now buy CBD products on the high street as well as online.  CBD must also contain <0.2% THC, 0.3% in some countries for it to be legal.

CBD is available in flower form, oil, vapes & cartridges, edibles, tinctures, personal care products, and many more.  It is a supplement famous for giving pain relief in conditions such as arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, sciatica, shingles, and others.  It is also beneficial for mental health conditions like epilepsy, stress, anxiety, depression, bipolar, and others.

Just like CBD, Delta 8 is a versatile supplement.  It is down to personal preference how you take these aids to manage your health or general well-being.

Both cannabinoids can be smoked in pre-roll form for convenience or flowers can be purchased to make your own.  Oils are a great way to get both into your system.  A few drops under the tongue from a pipet will ensure these cannabinoids enter the system for rapid relief.  Putting the drops under your tongue is the quickest way to get Delta 8 or CBD into the bloodstream.

Of course the flowers and oil can be added into food and drink too.  A small amount of flower sprinkled on  hot or cold dishes works great, and oil can be added into drinks such as smoothies and juices.

There are now CBD and Delta 8 personal care products available.  Also to consider though is that the oil can be used topically.  A few drops can be added to a carrier oil like almond or coconut to make an effect soothing lotion.

All in all, if you prefer the natural route to remedy any ailment, Delta 8 and CBD are worth a try.  

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