Delta 8 Vapes - Where Can I Buy Delta 8 Vapes in Sweden?

Delta 8 is rapidly becoming one of the most popular members of the cannabis family.   There are many Delta 8 products available to buy online from many European countries.

Aunque el Delta 8 was discovered many years ago, it wasn't until 1974 when the National Cancer Institute, in the U.S., carried out research on mice.

Three cannabinoids were trialled at the time, which were CBD, Delta 9 THC, and Delta 8 THC.  Researchers were out to prove that these cannabinoids harmed the immune system, or so they believed.

Instead, what they did discover was that Delta 8 had cancer-killing properties, quite the reverse of what they thought.

A year later in 1975, researchers carried out more tests, this time with rats.  Their amazing discovery was that Delta 8 was capable of shrinking tumors in the rats they were experimenting with.




Very little was reported or heard of Delta 8 around this time, but in 1995 more research and development was carried out.  This time it was carried out on children who suffered from nausea whilst having chemotherapy treatment.  

Delta 8 not only helped with the nausea symptoms the children suffered, but it also helped with other related symptoms.  Scientists recorded that 480 cases were treated, and astoundingly there was a 100% success rate.

Delta 8 has the potential to treat more ailments and illnesses.  It also has been recognised that it improves cognitive function, clarity of the mind and also improves alertness.


                                    DELTA 8 HAS PROVED TO IMPROVE COGNITIVE FUNCTION



In the U.S. researchers are still experimenting with Delta 8.  Around 2004 another study was carried out, again with mice.  A small amount of Delta 8 was administered to the mice, and it was discovered that it improved their appetite.  The mice were also given Delta 9 in small amounts, but their appetite did not increase as much as it did with Delta 8.  The mice also experienced less anxiety when they were given Delta 8, than they did when given Delta 9.

Since then other studies have shown that Delta 8 can manage pain, and also inflammation.

Más recientemente, en 2018, Farm Bill in America legalised Delta 8.  The reason for the legalisation is that Delta 8 is derived from the hemp plant.  It basically comes under a plethora of other uses of hemp that are legal.

The legalisation of Delta 8 in 2018 has caused somewhat of buzz in the cannabis market.  To say people are surprised about it's lawfulness is an understatement.  This is mainly because Delta 8 is psychoactive.  It has mind-altering effects, and will get you 'stoned'.   

This psychoactive effect from THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), is normally associated with Delta 9.  For years this cannabinoid has been heralded as a powerful medication alternative.  It can relieve pain and also address many medical conditions.  Advocators of Delta 9 have campaigned for many years for legalisation globally.  Although it has been made lawful in some countries for medical use, it still remains widely illegal, and the penalties for possession, use or supply can be quite severe.

However, the level of psycho-activity experienced with Delta 8 is much milder than with Delta 9 THC (tetrahydrocannabinol).


                                         DELTA 8 IS LESS PSYCHOACTIVE THAN DELTA 9 THC


It is worth mentioning here that CBD, however, is non-psychoactive.  So those who prefer to supplement for health and well-being reasons, but without the mind-altering effects can choose CBD (cannabidiol).  As long as there is <0.2% THC, (<0.3% in some countries), it is perfectly safe and legal to use.

There are many ways to use Delta 8 and this depends on personal preference.  Considering Delta 8 is relatively new, there is an abundance of products already available.

Although you will not find Delta 8 on your high street just yet, unlike CBD, there are a number of suppliers online who you can purchase Delta 8 from.

For instance, if you were to search where can I buy Delta 8 vapes in Sweden?, a plethora of cultivators and suppliers would show up.




Delta 8 is widely available online in Sweden, Francia, Alemania, and many other European countries.  

There are a range of products you can buy, for instance, Delta 8 flower, oils, pre-rolls, edibles, vapes & cartridges, tinctures, personal care products, the list goes on.

Vaping, for example, is a popular past time for many.  This is mainly due to the fact people want to give up smoking tobacco.  Obviously tobacco is harmful to health, and the cause of many serious illnesses.  There are many different vaping oils and flavours to vape with in the endeavour to quit tobacco.  For those who want to address health and wellbeing however, Delta 8 is a great supplement.

With Delta 8 there is no anxiety or paranoia as experienced with Delta 9.  It is a safe cannabinoid that will help the user focus.

It's not surprising that the popularity of Delta 8 is growing, as some of those who have previously used Delta 9 convert.  Some prefer the mild psychoactive effect.  The clarity and alertness of the mind are also big factors, as those who cannot function in the 'stoned' state favour.  Users of Delta 8 products also report of a 'body hit', a generally feeling of health and wellbeing.

Choose a vape that has a built-in airflow, and also one that has low wattage or power.  This will ensure that the oil does not burn.


                                    VAPING WITH DELTA 8 IS SAFE AND LEGAL

Another interesting fact is that Delta 8 has a longer shelf life than Delta 9.  This is because it does not oxidise to cannabinol.  Delta 9, on the other hand is easily oxidised to cannabinol.

Choosing a reputable supplier is crucial to the quality of any Delta 8 product.  It is usual practice to receive laboratory certification which will  indicate what is contained in the product, and also it's legality.










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