¿Dónde puedo comprar Nepal Jelly Hash?

Nepal CBD Jelly Hash is available in Europe and the UK from numerous suppliers. 

If you are buying in the UK and Europe for the first time, a few things need to be considered.

Here at Hempire Gardens we have launched 2 new products.  The first is Moroccan CBD Hash Zkittles 22%, Y el segundo es Ketama Gold - CBD 33%.  Our hash repertoire will be expanding as we introduce new products very soon, in line with the increasing demand.  As ever, you can expect only premium quality CDB products from us.

Our Kief (some refer to it as dust or cannabis crystals), is extracted using 110 micron nylon mesh.  Extraction is at a critical stage in the cultivation process, and necessary temperatures are applied.  This ensures supreme quality as our methods are the cleanest and most environmentally friendly.

Nepal CBD Jelly Hash, (sometimes called Nepalese Temple Balls), is made from the resin of the cannabis plant.  There are just two ingredients in making this mystical product.  One ingredient is fresh dried cannabis, and the other is your own clean hands.

The procedure is pretty simple, rubbing the cannabis between your hands from the fresh cannabis plant will allow the trichomes from the plant to stick to your skin.  Trichomes are the resin and cannabinoids derived from the cannabis plant.  Cannabis resin is light to dark brown in colour, and is a dense, sticky substance. Trichomes are very small, and can sometimes be hard to see.  They are found on the flowers, leaves and stalks.  

Magnifying trichomes will show what looks like tiny hairs with round bulbous heads at the tip.  They are white in colour, and look like an icy crystal coat on the plant. 






 The cannabis resin left on the hands looks a little like tar, it has a strong, earthy smell, and can take a few minutes to clean off.  The best way of cleaning hands after extracting resin is a good detergent, or sometimes a more natural solution is pure olive oil mixed with salt or sugar.

Trichomes tend to appear on the cannabis plant around 3-4 weeks of the flowering stage.  At this stage they are at their least potent, they appear like tiny shards of glass.  This stage of the trichome is just the initial development, this renders it psychoactive, albeit it is minimal compared to the end result.

After another 2-3 weeks the trichomes will change colour to a more 'milky' appearance.  Instead of the initial crystal clear look, they will become whiter.  The THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) content is now hefty and at it's peak.  

THC is the psychoactive component of the cannabis plant.  It is the mind-altering cannabinoid that gives a 'stoned' effect.







The next stage, which will be after another week, the trichomes will begin to turn an amber colour.  The best time to harvest is when there are still some milky white trichomes mixed with amber.  Using just amber trichomes can give a sedative effect, rather than a psychoactive one.

Not only do trichomes produce high quality resin, but they have an ingenious way of protecting the cannabis plant while growing.

Cultivating cannabis has it's fair share of pests and predators.  Farmers sometimes use chemicals to keep the offending mites at bay, but trichomes will secrete a bitter-tasting substance with a pungent smell.  This will ward off many pests and animals who try to eat the crop.

Trichomes are sticky and will trap insects who come into contact with the cannabis plant, giving more protection.



Trichomes are not water soluble, so factors such as rain water will not affect them.  However, leaving water on the trichomes for long periods will encourage rot and mildew.  A keen eye is needed, along with a good air flow system to ensure the cannabis plant is not adversely affected by water.

Nepal Jelly Hash is very potent with around 4x the usual THC content.  It is refined cannabis derivative with around 55-80% THC.  

Extracting the resin by hand is the oldest method of producing Nepal Jelly Hash, but still widely used today.  However, other ways of extraction are through dry-sifting the cannabis buds, or separating the resin using butane gas. 


Using butane gas is one of the most sophisticated methods of extracting the resin, and  an obtain an extremely potent level of THC, around 90%.  Although, some organic farms will abstain from using chemicals.

Another popular method for extracting is with water and ice.  It is a simple technique whereby the buds are immersed in water and ice.  The trichomes will sink to the bottom of the vessel, leaving the remaining plant material to float on top.  The resin can then be left to dry and scooped up for use.

El costo de Nepal CBD Jelly Hash can vary.  For a good quality product, expect to pay somewhere in Europe and UK between £15- £60 per gram.                                                                            













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