Baking with CBD

So today at Hempire we put on our aprons and baked a delicious chocolate cake!

We infused our cake with CBD oil (available on our website soon).  It is worth mentioning here that at Hempire Gardens our hemp is organically grown, therefore no chemicals are used in the whole process.  Our hemp flowers are pure and this ensures a smooth taste.  Other brands using chemicals in their cultivating process unfortunately produce a harsh taste in comparison.

Baking can be a fun and therapeutic past time for all.  It's just another way of ingesting CBD products. Baked goods containing hemp have become really popular too due to their beneficial health properties.  

However, due to the powerful flavour of hemp oil, it is wise to use a small amount.  We used 0.5 ounces in our amazing chocolate cake.

We also tried adding hemp flowers into another cake recipe, and the results were fantastic.

Hemp flowers and oil are so versatile they can been incorporated in sweet or savoury recipes.  The secret is not to overpower the dish or bake, otherwise the only thing you will taste is an earthy flavoured hemp, some find unpalatable.

Good flavours to disguise that earthy taste of hemp flowers or oil are chocolate and peppermint.   It would take a discerning palate to identify this secret ingredient.

Bakes infused with hemp flowers or oil induce a very enjoyable relaxed state. A good nights sleep is almost guaranteed!  Who would have thought a slice of chocolate cake would relieve stress and anxiety?  Pain relief is also given by eating this indulgent treat. Also a general feeling of calm is a welcomed experience.

The time it takes to realize the effects of eating hemp flower or oil infused dishes depends sometimes on the individual, but usually you can expect to feel the difference around 20 minutes after eating.

CBD flowers and oils don't like high temperatures, so be careful not to go over around 320 degrees Fahrenheit.

Also to include the CBD flowers or oil in your bake or dish it needs to be added to oil or butter.  In our recipe we blended CBD oil with butter.

On average our cake will keep for between 3 to 4 days if kept in an airtight container, but we defy you to keep it stored that long as it's so yummy it will be hard to keep your hands off!

So for this go-to CBD flower/oil chocolate cake recipe you will need :

125 g de harina con levadura

50 g de cacao en polvo

Azúcar molido 175g

Margarina 175g

1 cucharadita de polvo para hornear

3 huevos grandes de gallinas camperas

0.5 fluid ounces of CBD oil

2 x 23cm cake tins greased or lined with greaseproof paper

So, in a large mixing bowl whisk together caster sugar, margarine and CBD oil.

Sieve the cocoa powder and self raising flour into the bowl alternating this with the 3 eggs (already whisked).

Sieve in the baking powder and give in a last whisk.

Split the mixture between the 2 baking tins.

Pop into the oven for 20 minutes on 170 degrees that has been pre-heated.

We filled our cake with fresh double cream and raspberry jam.

We covered our cake with chocolate butter cream for that extra indulgence.

We then put on the kettle, invited some friends around and thoroughly enjoyed!

Happy Hemp baking!

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