Cultivating Chemical-Free CBD - Part 1

When buying CBD oil for the first time it's usual to search online for information.  For example, you will want to know how much it will cost, what ingredients does it contain, is it safe?, can you get addicted to CBD?, and so on.

If you are not searching online, some high street shops now sell CBD oil and other CBD products.  Although putting in the foot work can take more time, it may be your preferred option.

Over recent years CBD products, especially oil and flowers have become very popular.  There are many sellers on the high street and online,  but often these are the middlemen who buy from cultivators.

These types of vendors have no concept of the cultivation process, in fact most are just interested in the end product.  Unfortunately, buying from this type of vendor has it's pitfalls.  Some cultivators for instance favour harmful chemical pesticides to a more natural approach when dealing with plant invaders.  Although it is important to keep pests from invading a crop, chemical solutions to keep them at bay is not the answer. 

Unfortunately at the end of the day, it is the consumer who will suffer from the harmful chemical effects later on down the line. To be fair to some vendors, they are unaware of this process, so believe what they are selling is safe.

Although it is reassuring to know, the cultivation and manufacturing processes of industrial hemp are governed by European Regulations and Guidelines, the use of chemicals when addressing pest control is acceptable.

However, many cultivators sell direct to the public either in a wholesale or a retail capacity.  Direct contact with cultivators is definitely a good option.  Building a rapport with your supplier has it's advantages.  Questions and concerns can be put forward to allay any confusion about the cultivation and the manufacturing process.

Research and study has shown that it is hard to find an industrial hemp farmer who believes in a natural approach to cultivating.

Usually you will find those who have an interest in ecology, and who are environmentally aware, favour a more organic approach to cultivating.

Here at Hempire Gardens we believe wholeheartedly in nature and the beauty and benefits it brings.

More on what we do tomorrow in Part 2!

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