¿Quién vende Delta 8 en el Reino Unido y Europa?

Hempire Gardens is excited to share that we are now selling Delta 8!!!

You can now purchase Delta 8 products from Hempire Gardens.  Our Delta 8 is available to buy online from the UK and European countries such as Italy, France, Germany, Austria, Finland, Norway, Romania, Hungary, and many more.

Delta 8 is a welcomed addition to our growing portfolio.  You can trust, as always, that our supplying process for Delta 8 is 100% organic.  Buy your Delta 8 with confidence from Hempire Gardens. So what is Delta 8?....

For those who are not familiar with Delta 8, it is a cannabis compound very similar to Delta 9. With one digit difference between them, this gives a clue that Delta 8 is likened to Delta 9!  In fact Delta 8 is like Delta 9's little brother if you get our meaning.  The demand for buying Delta 8 online throughout the UK and Europe is rapidly growing.

Most people in the cannabis world understand that THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) gives a psychoactive, mind-altering effect. Another name used for THC is actually Delta 9.

On the flip side of THC is CBD (cannabidiol).  CBD has unlimited therapeutic properties.  It is renowned for it's healing benefits, and ongoing studies and research into CBD continue to reveal how powerful this remedy really is.  CBD usually contains <0.2% THC, although in some countries <0.3% THC is considered legal and allowed.  CBD is widely available online throughout Europe and the UK.

CBD is packed with beneficial cannabinoids, and is sought after globally because of it's favourable healing properties.  Another reason for choosing CBD over THC is that for some, a non-psychoactive effect is preferred.  Pain relief and general health and wellbeing can be achieved without a mind-altering experience.  CBD can easily be purchased in the high street now, or online.

THC is still illegal in many countries and the use of it as a recreational substance is forbidden and carries penalties.  

However, Delta 8 is completely legal.  Users of Delta 8 report a mild and pleasant buzz-like feeling, but with clarity and awareness.  Delta 8 is derived from the hemp plant too, just like CBD, unlike Delta 9 which comes from the marijuana plant.  

Who sells Delta 8?  There are a growing number of Delta 8 suppliers.  Suppliers of Delta 8 online is the usual way to purchase this amazing product.  It is wise to choose a supplier of Delta 8 who follows EU Regulations and Guidelines and supplies laboratory analysis certification.

Please look out for our Delta 8 blogs and news as we enter into the realm of this amazing cannabinoid.....



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