Hemp CBD Flowers

Hemp flowers or buds as they're sometimes called, are produced from the female hemp plant, (sativa L) when it reaches maturity.

The first thing anyone does when given flowers is smell them!  Hemp flowers/buds have the most amazing aroma. 

The flowers/ buds can be used in 3 ways.

The most common way to use the flowers is with tobacco.  Although this is not the healthier option because of the damage it can cause to the lungs.  However, the effects of the CBD are felt really quickly as it enters the bloodstream with speed.

CBD oil is fat soluble and works well with butter and oil when cooking.  However, using CBD this way loses its effect as it has to work its way through our lengthy intestines and liver.

Dry herb vaping is probably the best option.  This way it is less harsh on the throat, as its a vapour rather than smoke.  It's also probably the quickest way to get it into your bloodstream.  Using a vape is also more controlled as the grams need to be measured when adding the flower to the vape.

Flowers and buds are easily accessible from reputable wholesalers and vendors.

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