CBD Flower - Lush Banana Kush

We're excited our new addition Banana Kush is flying off the shelves.

So far it's been a great week at Hempire introducing some more new and exciting hemp flower flavours.  After all, we are the Flavour Experts, and the feedback has been nothing but positive for these recently added new strains.

Our clients tell us they are literally blown away by the taste and quality of these special CBD hemp flowers.  

Our Banana Kush is definitely here to stay.  It's an indica dominant strain that has a smooth flavour and aroma of sweet bananas.

This superb hybrid is a mix of OG Kush of the West Coast and Skunk Haze.  It has an indica-sativa ratio of 60:40.

Kush is a very versatile strain that can be grown in most places.  The OG stands for ocean grown, which means it was grown near the ocean, just like bananas!  Kush means high grade hemp.

Skunk Haze is one of the worlds most popular strains.  It has the perfect blend of CBD and THC, therefore giving a soothing mellow experience.  It has a distinctive pungent smell, with an earthy muskiness.

Medicinally Banana Kush is beneficial for chronic aches and pains.  It also helps with stress and anxiety.  Muscle spasms, eating disorders, nausea, glaucoma migraines can also be addressed and be given relief.

It's CBD potency makes it an excellent choice for those seeking pain relief.

Banana Kush can also surprise both mind and body.  It will certainly relax both, but give motivational and creative waves at the same time.

It's a pleasant little mix with a good balance of CBD and THC that will always prove popular.








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