The Power Of Our Flower

Here at Hempire Gardens we get many questions and enquiries about our premium quality CBD flower.  It's great to see that our CBD products are literally changing lives.

Your thirst for knowledge and consumption of all things CBD encourages us even more to continue our life-long love of cultivation.

At Hempire Gardens we are continually striving to maintain perfection.  Like any product provided to consumers, a great deal of trial and tribulation is involved to deliver the best we can.

It has become obvious that the demand for our premium quality CBD flower has increased massively over the last 2 years.  With this in mind, this year we have expanded our production enormously.  This will ensure our beautiful CBD flower is consistent and continuous.

The recent launch of 'HG-47' our unique exclusive strain, (please see our recent blog), has rocketed sales, demand and enquiries.  This strain has taken several years to perfect and present, but it has all been totally worth the wait as 'HG-47' has rapidly come into it's own.

We are extremely proud of the creation of 'HG-47', it's our first unique and exclusive strain.  However, this is just the start, behind the scenes research and development continues as we endeavour to bring to you additional members of the Hempire Garden flower family.

We continue to leave no carbon footprint in our cultivation process, our environment and ultimately the planet is always treated with kindness and care.

Climate change is real and at the forefront of global issues.  We all need to do our utmost to preserve, conserve and halt destruction.  Our own environment is a great place to start.

Health, wellbeing, healing and pain relief are the primary reasons we at Hempire Gardens cultivate and produce premium CBD products.

Our CBD flower is controlled by European Regulations and Guidelines.  This is another endorsement that our products are safe and legal to use.

CBD (cannabidiol) is non-addictive, it does not give a psychoactive effect.  However, THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) does give a mind-altering experience.

Our CBD flower contains <0.2% THC.  With every product bought, our own laboratory analysis is provided.  This analysis is carried out at Hempire Gardens by our own expert bio-chemist.  The information contained in the analysis explains the composition of the CBD products we cultivate.

The demand for our CBD flower and oils has soared during the last year.  Given that the last year we are globally experiencing a pandemic, we believe health and wellbeing has been an important focus for many.  The elevation of CBD use is a great positive.

Our customer relations tell us that those who once favoured high THC levels as either a pain reliever or just a recreational habit, are now preferring CBD flower.

We fully endorse the change from THC to CBD flower.  This is because it is usual practice to consume THC by smoking it.  Pre-rolled 'joints', (these have many different terms), are commonly mixed with harmful tobacco.

Continual use of tobacco has proven to be detrimental to health in many ways.  There is no doubt that the consumption of this powerful leaf is dangerous.  However, abstaining from the use of tobacco is a difficult process.  For some it can take a little willpower to give up the use, but for others it can prove a harder task.

CBD flower can help those who want to omit tobacco use.  If a pre-roll is something you enjoy, or consume for health benefits, it has to be without tobacco for maximum benefit.

Hempire Gardens have the perfect answer in our own branded pre-rolls.  They are available from our website.  The are 100% organic with no tobacco involved.  Individually encased in their own tube, ensuring freshness and quality at all times.

However, if you prefer to roll your own CBD joint, our extensive range of CBD flower is great.  Lots of different flavours to try, and many favourites are included in our range.

With the harmful effects of tobacco in mind, Hempire Gardens have now made our 'shake' and 'trim' available to buy from our website.  The shake and trim are the smaller buds and foliage left behind after harvest.  The quality is still exceptional as it comes from the original buds harvested.

Shake and trim is a perfect substitute for tobacco.  The consistency marries well with CBD flower and provides an enjoyable experience, with <0.2% THC.

Our prices are competitive and great value for money, we believe a more thrifty option than tobacco.  Not only this, but using shake or trim instead of tobacco gives even more health benefits and concentrates the consumption of CBD overall.

We are always here to help and answer any enquiries.  

Remember - 'Health is Wealth'

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