Where Can I Buy Delta 8 Oil in France?

Delta 8 products are being welcomed globally as more and more people learn the positive benefits of this wonderous cannabinoid.

What is Delta 8?  Delta 8 is a compound that is derived from the hemp plant. Even if you are not familiar with the chemical structure of the hemp plant, in simple terms, Delta 8 THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is bonded to the 8th carbon chain.  Whereas Delta 9 THC is bonded to the 9th carbon chain.

However, there is a slight difference between Delta 8 and Delta 9. 

THC is known for it's psychoactive effects on the brain.  The effects THC has on the brain can also be referred to as psychotropic. What THC is known for is altering the mind-set.  It can affect the nervous system and the brain by intoxication.  

Albeit, THC has a positive effect on the physical and mental functions of the body.  Many years of research and development have proven that THC can help with a plethora of ailments, and it has become of much trusted pain reliever for many.


What is Delta 9?

Delta 9 has been used for centuries for healing purposes.  It comes in many forms, such as flower, oils, edibles, vapes, cartridges, pre-rolls and other products.

For example people like to smoke Delta 9 THC, it is commonplace for many to smoke a 'joint' or a 'spliff', as they are often referred to.  Basically, these are hand-rolled cigarettes that also contain tobacco as well as THC.

Although Delta 9 flower is popular to smoke with tobacco, it's best trying to avoid long term use of tobacco because of it's harmful effects.

Delta 9 can be enjoyed in so many other safe ways to bring beneficial health and well-being effects that are sought.

An important fact about Delta 9 is that it is illegal if it contains >0.2% THC, or in some countries >0.3%.

Different countries throughout the world have, and still are, trying to change legislation around Delta 9.  It has been a bone of contention for many authorities for decades.  Small break-throughs have been made, for example it is allowed for medicinal prescription in some territories.  It comes as no surprises that advocators of Delta 9 continue to pursue legality status.

There is no denying that Delta 9 can help relieve conditions such as arthritis, insomnia, cancer, depression, acne, stress, epilepsy, anxiety and many more.  Hopefully, one day this amazing cannabinoid will be recognised for the beneficial properties it has always had.  After all, it has been used since ancient times for healing and medication.

                                 THC HAS BEEN USED FOR CENTURIES FOR HEALING

The Difference Between Delta 8 and Delta 9

Delta 8 was first documented by scientists in the early 1940's.   Although Delta 8 was known about, scientists were more interested in CDB (cannabidiol) and THC, and so concentrated more on these compounds.  Delta 8 was sadly left behind for a few years, although some investigation and research was carried out as time has gone by.  Very little was heard or known about Delta 8, even now it is still a relative newcomer.  It is, however, safe to say that is all going to change very soon,

En el 2018 Farm Bill viewed that Delta 8 was legal because it is derived from hemp.

Delta 8 is a psychoactive compound just as Delta 9 is, but there is a difference.  The psychoactive effects of Delta 8 are much more subtle than Delta 9.  This means that the 'stoned' sensation experienced with Delta 9 is not the same.  Delta 8 actually aids cognitive function, in that it gives way to a clarity and an alertness of the mind not possible with Delta 9.

Delta 9 is famous for giving a 'brain fog', and the term 'couched' meaning a user can be so physically sedated that they are stuck to the couch, is often heard.  Stoners often are physically incapable of moving, they become very lethargic and brain function noticeably slows down.

Delta 8 has shown to be uplifting and more of a body hit, not only relieving pain, but giving an overall feeling of well-being.

In 2019 Delta 8 started to make it's way into the cannabis market.  A relative newcomer, but already Delta 8 is making a big name for itself.

Where Can I buy Delta 8 in France and Europe?

More and more suppliers of Delta 8 are now appearing online.  As people learn that Delta 8 is legal, there seems to be a transition of Delta 9 users to Delta 8.

Another reason for the convert is that Delta 8 is a cheaper alternative to Delta 9.

                                    DELTA 8 IS A CHEAPER ALTERNATIVE TO DELTA 9

Although the laws around THC in France are quite stringent, it is still possible to buy products with THC online in France.

EU Regulations and Guidelines ensure that <0.2% or <0.3%  in some countries, THC can be present in CBD products, making them completely legal.

Delta 8 products now include flower, oil, pre-rolls, edibles, vapes, cartridges and other derivatives.

Little is heard about Delta 8 in the UK and Europe, but the question 'Where can I buy Delta 8 oil in France?' for example is getting asked more and more.  

Delta 8's online presence only started in 2019, but already suppliers and cultivators are reporting an astronomical rise in the demand for this up and coming cannabinoid.

If you are trying Delta 8 for the first time, it has been said that the effects and benefits of this spectacular derivative sit somewhere in between our beloved CBD and THC.

So whether you want to buy Delta 8 online in France, or any other European country for that matter, jump in, give it a go, you surely won't be disappointed.

                                    DELTA 8 HEALING AND BENEFICIAL TO HEALTH AND WELL-BEING

.......and remember Delta 8 is safe and legal.







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