Where Can I Buy the Best CBD Edibles?

CBD edibles along with other CDB products have grown in popularity massively in recent years.

CBD (cannabidiol) has become a health supplement that can address not only physical, but mental conditions.  It is also beneficial to general health and well-being.

Traditionally when we are suffering with an illness we take ourselves to the doctor, where he will assess what is wrong.  He will then prescribe what he thinks will help or remedy the condition.  Prescription drugs are used by millions of people, but long term use can have a detrimental effect on our bodies.  They can also become addictive, and a high dependency can develop.

Certain prescription drugs can be dangerous when taken for long periods, as the body can become immune to them.  Suddenly stopping certain medications can cause all different sorts of health issues.  It is advisable that you consult your doctor before stopping prescription drugs that have been used for long periods of time.  Sometimes 'weaning off' prescription drugs is necessary, whereby dosage in cut down slowly, but surely.



                             PRESCRIPTION DRUGS CAN BE VERY ADDICTIVE  



Alternative medicines and supplements are without a doubt growing in popularity.  Some remedies and  potions can be looked at quite sceptically, but research, study and development can prove that they can be not only effective in addressing illness, but some may even be superior to prescription drugs.

CBD has been around for many years.  It is derived from the hemp plant, and is just one of over 120 cannabinoids found in the plant.

CBD has become famous for the healing properties it possesses.  It is a potent compound and it works with our own endocannabinoid system.

The other famous cannabinoid from the cannabis plant is THC (tetrahydrocannabinol).  THC also has healing properties, but unfortunately it is classed as an illegal substance.  Many countries have deemed THC unlawful, and the penalties for abusing this law vary, but can be quite severe.

THC is renowned for the psychoactive effect it has when taken, i.e. it is mind-altering, and can leave the user 'stoned'.   This state of mind basically means there is a numbness of the mind, and a lethargic feeling over the body.  Both functions become extremely relaxed. 

However, THC has been made available via a medical cannabis prescription for the select few.  This is because in some parts of the world it has been recognised for the powerful remedy it brings to many health issues.  Advocators and users of medical cannabis continue to try to get legislation changed.  They believe medical cannabis should be for the many, not the few.






CBD, however, is legal.  It is non-psychoactive, which means it will not alter the mind.  It is suitable for all the family, even mascotas!, and is non-addictive and safe to use.

There are certain CBD products that do contain a small amount of THC.  However, the legal limit of THC has to be <0.2%, but in some countries <0.3% is accepted.  It is a matter of personal preference whether to choose 100% CBD or have a small percentage of THC included.

There are a growing number of products now in the CBD range.  CBD oil, flower, pre-rolls, vapes, cartridges, edibles, personal care products, and many others are all popular.

The best CBD edibles can be bought in some shops or cafe's, and of course online.



                               CBD GUMMY EDIBLES ARE VERY POPULAR



Probably some of the favourite CBD edibles come in the form of gummies.  They are sweet, soft, jelly-like treats, that can prove to be quite tasty and pleasant to eat.  However, less is definitely more, in this case.  Just one gummy can hold quite a decent and effective amount of CBD.  If you are trying CBD edibles for the first time, one sweet is enough to start with.   It can take anything from around 30 minutes to one hour to kick in.  Edibles can take between one week to one month to stay in your system.   It can be tempting to eat one after the other, like with normal sweets, so it has to be borne in mind that these edibles do take effect a short while after eating.

Of course factors like gender, weight, etc. will determine the level of effect CBD edibles have on an individual.  Unfortunately, as yet, not a great deal of research has been done on the CBD edible range,

CBD edibles can also include food and drink where CBD has been added to the recipe.  For instance, there are a growing number of CBD cafe's popping up.  CBD coffee has many fans, as does CBD cookies, muffins, smoothies, etc.






If you are considering including CBD into your daily routine, Flor de CBD or oil are very versatile.  They can both be added into food or drinks quite easily without altering the taste too much.

The key to better health and well-being lies in consistency.  Taking a little CBD every day can give positive and encouraging results.

 Many years of study and research has proven that CBD can be effective with ailments such as :

  • epilepsia
  • psoriasis
  • acné
  • bipolar
  • artritis
  • enfermedad del corazón
  • cáncer
  • gota
  • depresión
  • dolor reumático
  • estrés
  • migraña
  • la falta de sueño
  • eczema .....and many more.

Buy the best quality CBD edibles from a good supplier.  Most suppliers will include a laboratory certificate to show levels of THC and other compositions of the product.

EU Regulations and Guidelines outline the rules around CBD, and these must be adhered to, ensuring not only safety, but legality.















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