Extracción supercrítica de C02 de flor de CBD

Al buscar el best CBD flower online, the search engine will bring up numerous suppliers of CBD products.

The best CBD flower is one that is 100% organic.  This means that the purest, cleanest methods have been used in it's cultivation and extraction.

CBD (cannabidiol) is derived from the hemp plant.  It is one of over 120 cannabinoids found in the hemp plant.  It is completely legal as long as the THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) levels are <0.2%.  However, some countries allow <0.3% THC to be lawful.

CBD is typically farmed for it's beneficial medicinal use.  It is completely legal, safe, and non-addictive.  It has grown in popularity in recent years because people are recognising it as a remedy for many health conditions.

CBD can alleviate not only physical, but mental health conditions.  It is safe for all the family to use under guidance, and can even been administered to pets.

EU Regulations and Guidelines will need to be followed by the cultivator or supplier to ensure safety and legality.

Also, laboratory testing of CBD is a regular occurrence throughout the cultivation journey.  This will show typically the levels of THC, and ensure that they are not over the recommended limit.  Some suppliers and cultivators will supply the laboratory analysis of your product with purchase.

To produce CBD from hemp the extraction method is called 'supercritical C02 extraction', and it is the cleanest way to achieve premium CBD hemp flower.







In simple terms, a supercritical state is when a molecule has both gas and liquid properties.  The carbon dioxide must reach the supercritical state which is 1071 psi.  In conjunction with this, the temperature must be 31.1 degrees centigrade.

Supercritical extraction is one of the safest methods to produce CBD from hemp.  The C02 becomes a supercritical liquid, enabling it to work through permeable solids and materials dissolving them in the process.  This method ensures the optimum CBD content is extracted without any undesirable products, such as chlorophyll.

Other methods of CBD extraction are the use of solvents.  Unfortunately, the use of solvents in the process of CBD extraction is widely used.  Chemicals such as butane, ethanol and hexane are used, but these can be detrimental to health as well as the CBD.  It is not a favourable method, however, it is common practice among many cultivators/manufacturers.,

Solvent extraction of CBD is the cheapest method to exercise.  However, if it is used, it must be done with extreme care, as any chemicals that are not removed in the process, can have a devastating effect on the end product.




 Another reason why chemical extraction of CBD is used is because it is quicker.  Cultivators who have large quantities of hemp favour this method because of the speed in turnover.

On the other hand, supercritical C02 extraction has continuously fluctuating pressures and temperatures which makes the process time longer.  However, it does mean that the end product is cleaner and purer, and of optimum quality.

Although supercritical C02 extraction is laborious and expensive, it does produce a far superior product.  It enables the cultivator to achieve optimum quality CBD hemp flower.

If you are looking for premium quality CBD hemp flower without chemicals, then supercritical C02 extraction is the way to go.









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