Beautiful CBD Biscotti

This year at Hempire we will be introducing some more new and exciting strains to our already impressive repertoire. 

We pride ourselves on being the Flavour Experts.  Our strains are premium quality and our new addition is no exception. Our industrial hemp is organically grown, we're happy to say, which makes all of our products pure.   

The benefits of our clean cultivating are always passed on to you, our customer.  

Our strains are laboratory analysed on a regular basis to ensure we at Hempire are compliant with the strategic guidelines followed in Europe. 

Our hemp flowers and oils are one of the most sought after within the European hemp market. 

Our new additions will not be released for sale until we are completely satisfied with the product and the all important qualities of a specific strain.

So, see if you can guess what it is yet?

Here's the's an indica dominant hydbrid strain.  80% indica, 20% sativa.

We have united the delectable classic Gelato #25 X Girls Scout Cookies X South Florida OG strains.

We can safely say the outcome is an insanely delicious flavour.

This next clue may give it away!

The flavour is an unmistakable spicy cinnamon with a buttery coffee taste. It's sweet and moorish.

Drum roll please!!!!!!

Yes, you've guessed it....our new addition to the flavour family is.....BISCOTTI!!!

It's definitely here to stay.  

Please order your samples from our website and share our joy.


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