Where Can I Buy Delta 8 Flower in France?

Delta 8 was discovered in the 1970's when scientists also tested CBD and THC on mice. 

Almost 50 years ago researchers knew Delta 8 existed, but very little was done to research and develop this invaluable cannabinoid.  Instead more attention was directed at THC because of it's popular use, and the fact that it was psychoactive.  THC was in fact banned in 1928.  It's use for medicinal purposes was outlawed in 1971, and previous to this in 1964, cultivating cannabis was made illegal.

Delta 8 could have been investigated, but instead studies and research in depth has been carried out on THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (cannabidiol).  A wealth of information about both cannabinoids is literally at our finger tips.  We can now get online 24/7, 365 days a year, and find the answers we want about THC and CBD.  Of course also now, you can find out where to buy Delta 8 flower online in France, as well as a range of other Delta 8 products.

It is only in the past couple of years we can research Delta 8.  It has finally made another appearance, and at the moment it is slowly being recognised for it's potential and proven benefits. Basically, although Delta 8 has been around for a while, it's growth in the cannabis industry has been slow.  Hence, there is limited information around Delta 8.  Of course, just like the other members of the cannabis family, it is beneficial to health.  We can rest assured though, that Delta 8 will be just as prevalent or even more so, if it's initial introduction is anything to go by.  Those selling Delta 8 online, (mainly in America) report of supply and demand problems already.

Receptores CB1 y CB2

THC has been around for many years, and many people are familiar with the effects it has on the mind and body.  Probably the most well known characteristic of THC is the psychoactive effect.  The phrase 'getting stoned' has been coined by THC.  What THC does is connect with our own inbuilt endocannabinoid system.  We have receptors called 'CB1's' which are found in the nerve cells of the brain.  CB1 receptors can also be found in the spinal cord and some peripheral organs and glands.  'CB2' receptors are the other receptors we have in our immune system. They can also be found in the spleen, tonsils, and some liver and bone cells. THC wraps around these receptors and that's when the magic happens!

THC gives a euphoric high when it connects to the brain. It can also relax the body to varying degrees, so much so that the ability to carry out normal daily physical and mental functions becomes slower and somewhat difficult.

The brain fog that THC causes can actually be slightly debilitating.  The usual communication our brain does with the rest of our body can be interrupted.  This can throw our bodies off balance and we can become out of sync.

On the plus side, THC has many health and well-being benefits.  It can address pain relief and mental issues such as anxiety, stress and poor sleep.  Conditions such as epilepsy, cancer, seizures, and many more have shown positive improvement with the use of THC.


CBD (cannabidiol) was discovered in the 1940's, when it was successfully extracted from the cannabis plant.  The research and development that followed revealed that CBD had unbelievable health benefits.  CDB is packed with over 100 cannabinoids that interact again with our own endocannabinoid system.

CBD has an unlimited amount of health benefits, and research and development studies are ongoing. The difference between THC and CBD is that CBD is not psychoactive.  Legally it should  contain <0.2% THC (<0.3% in some countries).  

Recent years have seen a massive boom in the CBD market.  It has hit the high street running basically, and is also available online.  It can be bought in many forms, i.e. CBD flower, oil, edibles, personal care products, pre-rolls, vapes and cartridges.

More good news about CBD is that it is completely legal.   It is regulated by EU Regulations and Guidelines to ensure quality and legality for the consumer.  It is also non-addictive and safe to use.

Delta 8

So back to Delta 8!  Delta 8 is a sativa. It helps with the cognitive function of the brain.  One surprising fact is that it actually brings clarity, and users are much in favour of this.  Those who would usually use Delta 9 are now converting to Delta 8.  One of the main reasons for the increasing popularity of Delta 8 is that it enables the user to carry out normal activities and functions.  The user can remain alert instead of lethargic.  Delta 8 doesn't give way to the the brain fog usually experienced with Delta 9.  Delta 8 is said to be uplifting, giving way to a happy mindset.  

Another important fact, and probably a very significant one, is that Delta 8 is legal.  The Farm Bill (2018) deemed that it was legal because Delta 8 is a derivative of the hemp plant. Thankfully it is now viewed as a lawful substance.

It is early days with Delta 8, but already noticeable interest and growth in demand will see this powerful cannabinoid become famous globally.

Presently, America is where Delta 8 is making a name for itself.  Although slowly, but surely the UK and Europe are waking up to the Delta 8 phenomenon.

For instance, you can buy Delta 8 online in Paris now, whereas just a year ago it would be difficult to find Delta 8 in Paris, for instance.  To buy Delta 8 online in Lyon is now possible too, market growth is creeping into Europe slowly, but before we know it, the market will be flooded with Delta 8.

The Laws In France For THC/CBD/Delta 8

Although it is possible to buy Delta 8 online in Paris and other cities in France, the laws around THC, CBD and Delta 8 in France are very stringent.  

Many other countries globally are changing the laws around THC/CBD/Delta 8, in that they are becoming more relaxed, albeit at a snails pace.  France, however, seem to be going backwards and doing the reverse.

CBD/THC importation is still a bone of contention in France, and it still battles with the EU in court to restrict the influx.

It is still illegal in France to use and to possess cannabis, unlike many other countries who have relaxed their laws somewhat.  It is concerning that France views personal use of cannabis and trafficking, (which can be in very large amounts),in the same light when it comes to being penalised.

The penalties for using or possessing cannabis in France can be quite severe.  Although each case is seen as individual by the prosecutor, fines of up to 3,750 euros plus a 12 month prison sentence can be imposed.  Also worth bearing in mind is, if the guilty party has endangered others while using/possessing cannabis,the fine escalates to 75,000 euros, plus a prison sentence of 5 years.

It may be a coincidence, but in 2018 when the Farm Bill was introduced, France introduced a new policy.  Fines can now be given on the spot in France for cannabis abuse.  Initially the new law was introduced into small communities, but now it is actually a national policy.

Confusingly though, it seems that France was the sole Western European country that did not outlaw growing hemp in the 20th century.  This was because the cotton trade was diminishing.  However, later on in the 20th century, the cotton trade started to elevate.  This had an adverse effect on the production of hemp in France, and unfortunately it began to decline.

From the early 90's right up to 2015, it is unbelievable to think that half of the hemp being produced in Europe was coming from France.  It was actually the second largest producer of industrial hemp, China being the first.

Akin to many other countries in Europe, France stipulates that the maximum amount of THC in hemp must legally be <0.2%.  Any industrial hemp cultivated in France is still not approved or intended for consumption.  Having said this, there are loopholes where you can access ingestible hemp throughout France, albeit it is a grey area.

Medically, however, a law was passed in France in 2013 to allow certain cannabis derivatives to be formulated into medicines.

It is somewhat ironic that although France is the second biggest supplier of hemp globally now, it is reluctant to contribute to a world market of medicinal hemp.  Obviously for France, the possibilities and gains are endless, but sadly they seem to be obstinate and resistant to the very idea.

Can we buy Delta 8 Online in France?

So, the all important question of can we buy Delta 8 online in France?  The answer is yes you can.  

Delta 8 is available in several forms, premium quality Delta 8 flower, oils, pre-rolls, vapes, cartridge and edibles, can be bought online.  

If for example if you want to buy Delta 8 flower online in Paris, you can access Delta 8 from many reputable suppliers.

Reputable Delta 8 suppliers will always have a decent website and display their credentials.  You should receive certification with any Delta 8 products you buy.  This certification is important as it will be a laboratory analysis.  The analysis will show the levels of THC present, and these should comply with lawful requirements.

Globally the presence of THC which is <0.2%, (<0.3% in certain countries), is acceptable and lawful.

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