CBD and Nailcare

There is something about well-manicured nails that speaks volumes about that person.

If you can afford to go to a salon for a regular manicure and pedicure do so.  Regular pampering of your hands and feet will not only strengthen and keep nails healthy, but it will promote general well-being and confidence.

Our hands and feet are put to work everyday in one way or another, so we owe it to them to taken good care and look after them as best we can.

Sometimes the condition of your nails can reveal how your general health is doing.  For instance a deficiency in 'B' vitamins, e.g. Biotin can cause nails to be brittle. Also if calcium intake is low, this can cause problems with nails. Poor nail condition is an indicator to increase your intake of vitamin C and folic acid. Brittle nails will flake and split, and can break off causing discomfort.

Also over-washing hands using harsh detergents can dry nails out.  Using household detergents and cleansers without protective gloves can irritate skin and nails, and deplete both of moisture.

Removing nail varnish with non-acetone products is better for nails, as acetone strips the nail of natural moisture.

Apart from a healthy diet, there are many products on the market to care for nails and keep them healthy.

CBD (cannabidiol) has taken the world by storm with it's many personal care products, as well as the popular CBD oil.

CBD oil is a great health supplement to remedy many ailments.  Studies have shown the positive benefits, including being good for nail health.

CBD oil contains fatty acids, such as omegas, antioxidants and vitamins.  These ingredients boost nail health.  The fatty acids will bring back moisture preventing brittle conditions, flaking and splitting.  Shiny, strong nails will be restored with regular use of CBD oil.

Not only can CBD oil be taken orally, it can be massaged into the nail bed for stimulation and added benefits. 

Available on the high street and online CBD oil is easily accessible and safe to use.

CBD is a natural derivative from the hemp plant.  Widely cultivated globally, it is subject to rigorous and regular analysis to ensure health and safety of it's use.

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