Covid-19 and CBD

Never has there been a time when our health, and the health of family and friends has been more prevalent.

Covid-19 or Coronavirus as it is known, is threatening our every day existence.  It is a virus that is spreading across the world rapidly, and so far, because of it's newness, there is no immunity.

Scientists, their teams, and the World Health Organisation are avidly working on a vaccine for this cruel virus.  There have been some encouraging break-through's with medications that can alleviate some of the Covid-19 symptoms.

Looking back in history, pandemics are not new.  There have been several universal diseases, such as :

Influenza (1968) - Death toll - 1 million

Asian Flu (1956-58) - Death toll - 2 million

Flu Pandemic (1918) - Death toll - a shocking 20-50 million

Six Cholera Pandemic (1910-1911) Death toll - 800,000

There are other pandemics further back in history such as The Black Death, otherwise known as The Bubonic Plague.  This happened in the 13th century, and between 75-200 million people lost their lives.  It's devastation is still talked about today.

Following the rules and regulations our governments are advising will eventually change our day-to-day patterns, and this race against time finding a vaccine will hopefully be successful.

For now, the best way to keep healthy is to optimize our diets and exercise routines.

Introducing CBD flowers and oils into our daily regime is a great idea.  CBD is a great immune booster.

Contrary to popular belief, CBD is derived from hemp, but it will not give you a feeling of being 'high'.  CBD (cannabidiol) does not give you any form of intoxication.

However, THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is the psychoactive component of hemp that will give you a 'high'.

CBD flowers and oils have long been hailed as a magical remedy.

From pain relief, anxiety, trouble sleeping, arthritis, epilepsy, the list goes on, CBD flowers and oils are a great asset.

CBD is very versatile, and can be incorporated into our diets very easily.  CBD oil is typically dropped under the tongue.

CBD flowers and oils is, and always will be, safe to use and non-addictive.




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