CBD - How To Store

CBD flowers and oil are like most precious supplements, they need care when storing.

If you want to get a long life from your CBD products, and maintain their high quality, the guidelines for use and storage are most important.

CBD (cannabidiol) can last between 1-2 years.  CBD oil and CBD flowers can be frozen, so can last even longer!

Normally CBD oil will be sold in dark glass bottles, i.e. brown.  The reason being they can deflect light.  Keeping your bottle stored upright in a dark spot in a cupboard or on a shelf is ideal.

Regular users of CBD oil and CBD flowers will usually use their products before the expiry date.  Once the product has expired, the compound of cannabidiol can break down making it less effective.  Although it is still safe to use, CBD should be consumed before expiry to get the maximum effect.

Extreme temperatures can also affect the balance of CBD products, so not too hot, not too cold, is recommended. CBD flowers can dry out and/or lose their quality.  Also humidity can cause a problem, so a cool, dark, dry place is perfect.

Always read the label to check the expiry date.

CBD oil doesn't usually turn rancid, but once expired it can look cloudy because of the compounds breaking down.  If this happens throw it away.  Although it will cause no harm, it will have virtually no effect.

If you decide to share you CBD oil, please do so with care.  If you are transferring it into another bottle with a pipette, ensure the bottle and pipette are thoroughly cleaned.  Sterilization of the bottle and pipette is best using boiling water.  If the bottle is not labelled, clearly label it stating the contents.  An expiry date should also be added to the labelling.

CBD flowers can be stored in an airtight jar.  The same regime is required to keep the flowers fresh.   Stored in a cool, dark, dry place is good.  Also don't pack the jar to the top with your flowers.  Fill the jar around 3/4 full, giving the flowers room to breathe.

A little care and attention will give you the maximum benefits this powerful supplement can offer.



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