THC Levels in CBD products

For those who aren't familiar with the legal requirements for THC levels, this is just a brief outline of what the law requires.

At present the legal limit of THC present in hemp is <0.2%.  Campaigners are hoping this increases to <0.3% in 2020.

However, even as it is now <0.2% THC is a great beneficial level.

Here at Hempire Gardens our hemp flowers/buds are sent for regular analysis to ensure we keep within the legal guidelines.

Our hemp is organically grown.  Each step of production is overseen by our Horticultural Specialist Cultivator.  Rigorous analysis is carried out at each stage.  Only the purest hemp is produced for sale. Quality assurance is of optimum importance to us.

Unlike our competitors, our hemp is not washed down with harmful chemicals to attain <0.2% THC.  These processes are harmful and detract from the quality of the hemp. These chemicals can be harsh, i.e. when the hemp is vaped, it can leave the user with a sore throat.

With over 20 years experience in the hemp trade, we know of no other cultivator  who grows this way. It's very gratifying to have achieved the level of trust between ourselves and our buyers.

We are proud of our meticulous operation, and we're always on hand to give advice, guidance, or answer any queries you may have. 

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